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The Artswire is an independent website dedicated to the film, theatre, and entertainment world.  Through a mix of reviews, articles, and more The Artswire strives to showcase both large and small projects in the New York area and beyond.



UTC #61's latest tells the tale of the Velvet Revolution. See our review of THE VELVET ORATORIO here!



Go behind the scenes with BIRDMAN via 92Y's Reel Series Talkback here!




BIRDMAN, OR THE UNEXPECTED VIRTURE OF IGNORANCE closes the fest and tops our best of this year so far! Read our rave here!




NYFF52 - David Fincher and Gillian Lynn's adaptation of the bestseller GONE GIRL hits the festival. Is it worthy to the book?



NYFF52 - Ten years in the making, TIME OUT OF MIND brings Richard Gere back into the limelight.



NYFF52 - The French Rave scene from the 90's to now comes to light in the epic EDEN.



A hothead Aussie Futball player and an age old club scheming itself into the next century. Welcome to THE CLUB.

















A new kind of musical is here, and it's allllll Improv! It's time for Happy Fun Karaoke Time!



Company XIV's latest sizzling production is here! But how does ROCOCO ROUGE stand up to the rest?



Our newest reviewer takes the new Off Broadway musical LENNON: THROUGH A GLASS ONION to task. How did he think it fared?


NYFF52 - Paul Thomas Anderson returns with his latest opus INHERENT VICE.



NYFF52 - The stirring Sundance fave WHIPLASH has come to the NYFF! What did we think?



NYFF52 - Viggo Mortensen stars in the experimental Argentinian film JAUJA.



NYFF 52 - David Cronenburg hits the fest with the uber weird MAPS TO THE STARS.




NYFF52 - A Spanish adaption of Shakespeare? Can it work with THE PRINCESS OF FRANCE?